It’s late. Or maybe I should say it is early
Everyone is bleary eyed and downright blurry
It’s 4am as we leave the nightclub
Republic, Sheffield, the best club spinning dub

Tonight I’m the designated driver
In exchange my passengers all pay me a fiver
I stay drink free to get everyone home
It’s a damn sight easier than the usual taxi roam

The cars frozen solid and now fully loaded
After a night where the DJ exploded
Tunes spinning for hour after hour
The car coming alive now; revs, heat and power

Republic is all about drink, powders and pills
It’s heady times in the 90’s in the city built on 4 hills
Right now though, I’ve got to get my revellers home
I’ve got work tomorrow so I need to rest my dome

This Toyota will never set the world on fire
But it’s my car; my ticket to see God’s own Yorkshire
It’s me driving, me behind the wheel
My ticket to explore the legendary city of steal

It’s 5am, everyone home safe and sound
After 24 hours awake my heads starting to pound
The night and day starting to meet
The Toyota though, it never misses a beat
We both rest now for tomorrow we will rinse and repeat

Camera : Ricoh GRD

Location : Barnsley, Yorkshire