If you follow me on Instagram you'll likely see that I travel a lot to Wroclaw in Poland. We have an office over there and I absolutely love visiting the city and seeing the team.

Slightly different to usual but here's a post about the wonderful city and the people and places that are there.

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Flights from the UK

The best routes I've found from the UK are flying from London Stansted via Ryan Air, or from Luton via Wizz Air, to Wroclaw airport. Both are no-frills - so don't expect much. But they are cheap. If you keep your eye out you can bag a flight for around £25 each way.

The flight is about 2 hours from London and they are 1 hour ahead of the UK in terms of time zones.


I like to stay at the Monopol Hotel. It’s an old hotel but recently refurbished and is spectacular, but not without it’s flaws.

The rooms are spectacular - all modern and large and full of high end fixtures and fittings. I had zero complaints about the room.

The hotel bar on the roof is awesome, especially in summer.

You also get a decent view of the Sky Tower (locally named The Boner - I’ll let you work that one out).

The service is a little slow and the staff didn’t give the impression that they actually want to be at work though.


Throughout the city are a series of Gnomes in various different poses. They make for an entertaining side activity. In fact you can even by a map listing the location of every single one of them. They add a real quirk to the city but the locals tell me that they are springing up all over now and it’s lost a little of the charm in seeking them out.

Main Square

The main square is truly epic. It’s so beautiful and full of wonderful history. We don’t have many large squares here in the UK so I’m always amazed by them. They attract a wide spectrum of people and it’s not uncommon to see families out in the square until the late hours.

The square is famous for it’s flower shops that are open all the way through the night.

Graffiti is very common in Wroclaw and apparently the city officials are starting to get on top of it - it is everywhere and like most graffiti; it divides opinion as to its visual appeal.

The city has both old and new living side by side.

The Battle of Raclawice

If you get a chance then check out the amazing painting panoramic scene of the battle of Raclawise. It is EPIC.

And the fresh fruit and veg markets in the old town.

One of my main passions is in understanding the car culture of the places I visit and like most European cities Wroclaw has a mix of mostly German cars. Lots of VWs and Audi and a large number of Fords. There are also lots of old cars, some in good condition, some not, traveling the streets of Wroclaw.

The bridge of love is worth a visit. It’s near the Cathedral.

The Cathedral is tranquil and peaceful. The streets around the Cathedral are beautiful.

Overall - spectacular city to visit and a real gem for those interested in culture, history and cars.